31st South East Asia Net Convention [SEANET2003]

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Thank you for coming to 31st SEANET Convention. The Convention held on 27th - 30th November 2003 at Eden Garden Hotel, Johor Bahru was a big success. Everybody had a good time during this eyeball QSO which further strengthen the spirit of cooperation and friendship among HAMS of the world. Contest result is posted in Contest Page under Contest Results. Photos of the activities posted under Link [Morning After].


Malaysian Government controls the importation of Transceiver by issuing import permit which must be applied for in advance. The Organizing Committee suggests that you do not bring your Transceiver to avoid inconveniences. However, if you must bring, please apply for ATA Carnet for your equipment. This will get your merchandise and equipment through customs, paperwork free making your journey easier.

ATA Carnet
The ATA Carnet was created by international convention thirty years ago. It is an international customs document used worldwide to facilitate temporary importations into member countries.

  • May be used for unlimited exits from and entries into the U.S.
  • Are valid for one year.
  • Are accepted in over 60 countries and territories.
  •  Eliminate payment of value-added taxes (VAT) and duties.
  •  Eliminate the posting of security normally required at the time of importation using a TIB.
  • Simplify customs procedures.
  •  Allow a temporary exporter to use a single document for all customs transactions.
  • Are a method of making import arrangements in advance
  •  Allow you to budget at a predetermined cost.
  •  Eliminate the need to register goods (and create separate paperwork) with U.S. Customs at the time of departure.
  • Smooth re-entry to the U.S.
  •  Allow you to pre-pay in U.S. dollars and reduce the need to carry foreign currency for duties, deposits and taxes when traveling.
  • Allow you to complete all customs paperwork in English, once.
  •   Minimize uncertainty and surprises at customs.

For ATA Carnet please visit their Web Page at http://atacarnet.com/index.html

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