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English to Malay

Thank you for coming to 31st SEANET Convention. The Convention held on 27th - 30th November 2003 at Eden Garden Hotel, Johor Bahru was a big success. Everybody had a good time during this eyeball QSO which further strengthen the spirit of cooperation and friendship among HAMS of the world. Contest result is posted in Contest Page under Contest Results. Photos of the activities posted under Link [Morning After].

Malay is a Malaysia National language. English is widely spoken. Most Malaysian can speak English but if they do not understand, the chart above provide a very useful guide to Malay vocabulary.



1. How are you ? Apa Khabar ?
2. Fine. Baik.
3. I don't understand. Saya tidak faham.
4. How much ? Berapa harga nya ?
5. It's too expensive. Ini terlalu mahal.
6. Can you reduce the price ? Boleh kurangkan harga ?
7. Thank you. Terima kasih.
8. Good morning. Selamat pagi.
9. Good afternoon. Selamat tengahari.
10. Good evening. Selamat petang.
11. Beautiful. Cantik.
12. Reservation. Tempahan.
13. Not too hot (spicy) Jangan pedas.
14. Eat. Makan.
15. Rice. Nasi.
16. Noodles. Mee.
17. Days. Hari.
18. Night. Malam.
19. Sea. Laut.
20. Rain. Hujan.
21. Sun. Matahari.
22. Village. Kampung.
23. I want to go back. Saya mahu pulang.
24. What is the time ? Pukul berapa ?
25. Friend. Kawan.
26. Male. Lelaki
27. Female. Perempuan.
28. Direction. arah.
29. Island. Pulau.
30. Yes. Ya.
31. No. Tidak.
32. I am sorry. Saya minta maaf.
33. What is your name ? Siapa nama awak ?
34. My name is Nama saya
35 Toilet Tandas

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