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Thank you for coming to 31st SEANET Convention. The Convention held on 27th - 30th November 2003 at Eden Garden Hotel, Johor Bahru was a big success. Everybody had a good time during this eyeball QSO which further strengthen the spirit of cooperation and friendship among HAMS of the world. Contest result is posted in Contest Page under Contest Results. Photos of the activities posted under Link [Morning After].

English to Malay

Travel tips

Culture There is a strong interlink between the country’s multi-racial and multicultural makeup and its history. Besides the local Malays and the native groups, immigrants from China, India, Indonesia and other parts of the world have all contributed to the multiracial composition of its population. Its interesting cultural diversity can be largely attributed to the country’s long and on-going interaction with the outside world and colonial rule by the Portuguese, Dutch and the British. Consequently, the evolution of the country into a cultural melting pot is evident in the unique blend of religions, socio-cultural activities and traditions, dressing, languages and food.
Language Malay is the native tongue but English is widely spoken.
Getting here By air, road or sea.
Time 8 hours ahead of GMT and 16 hours ahead of U.S. Pacific Standard Time.
Electricity Voltage is 220 – 240 volts A C at 50 cycles per second.
Telephones Local calls can be made from public phones using coins or pre-paid cards. International calls can be made from public phones with card phone facilities or at any Telekom offices
Weights and Measures Malaysia follows the metric system in weights and measures.
Where to stay Accommodation ranges from five star hotels to delightful wooden beach chalet.
The people Friendly, warmth, Easy going and hospitality is assured.
Vocab guide Some simple translation from English to Malay. Useful words.
Eating out Local food normally is hot and spicy. Before you eat ask the chef not to put some hot stuff like chili, pepper, etc.
Tipping Tipping is not a common practice. So you don't have to give tip after your meal, etc. Generally if you want to give a tip, the amount  is usually RM1.
Before Coming 
  • Make sure you make copies of important documents.
  • Confirm your reservation with your travel agent.
  • Get important telephone numbers like your local travel agent and embassy.
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